Teen Chat Place's Help Section

Chat Screen
The main area shows the messages you have sent and received. The current topic for this room, if any, is shown in the title bar. If a message appears in blue, then clicking it will take you to the Web Address or email address mentioned on that line.

Nicknames List
The right list displays people currently in this chat room. Your nick is displayed as bold. You may double-click a name in the list to get more information about that user, as well as start a Person-to-Person Chat with him/her.

Input Area
At the bottom is the input line. You can send a message by typing it on this line. You can also change how the message is interpreted by using the Pull Down Menu at the right-hand side of the Input Area. A message can be interpreted as:

A message intended for everyone in the room to hear

An action you wish to appear to take (as opposed to a statement). For example:
*Guest1 rolls his eyes.  To do this click on the pull down menu and select "send as action"

You can also send sounds, to initiate a sound, click on the pull down menu and select "send as sound"  an option box will pop up and you may select your sound and also send a message with it if you wish.

There is also an ignore feature located in the pull down menu, use this if you recieve an excessive amount of unwanted text from a user.  The person stays ignored until you log off the chatroom

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