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Welcome to Teen Chat Place!  We hope you enjoy your stay here!   Inside you will find an excellent chatroom where hundreds of teens converse each night!  You can chat with a crowd or chat in private with a friend, its all up to you!  Our chatroom is real time live chat!  No having to refresh your screen, and we also offer private messaging where a separate window opens up for you to chat with a person!  So if you are looking to meet some new teenage friends, chat, or just have some time to spare, Teen Chat Place is for you!

If chatting isn't what your looking for, yet you want to express yourself, try our message boards!  You can post messages or read the ones posted by other teens.  Or if your looking for a new internet friend leave your info on our personals!


Chat Rooms

teen chatroom with upto 200 users!

Teens Flirting
A smaller teen chatroom.

Younger Teens
A chatroom for ages 13-15.

A general chat for ages 13 and up.

Discussion Boards

General Board
A message board for everyone!

Love Board
A board for teens to talk about love.

General Personals
Meet new friends online here!

Love Personals
Find an online love right here!


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For safety reasons, please do not give out personal infomation such as your full name, home address or telephone number while on the chat or boards.  While we believe in freedom of speech, we also believe in common courtesy and politeness.

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